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Ibadan North LGA Chairman Makes Bipartisan Move, Appoints APC Member As Education Special Adviser

29 May

Reported by Ayooluwa Afolabi

In a move towards reflecting a commitment to competence over political affiliation, Hon. (Chief) Ademola Titilopemi Ajibola, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has been appointed as the Personal Assistant on Education Matters by the People\'s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman, Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade, in Ibadan North Local Government Area.

In a chat with Ibadan Media, Hon. Ademola expressed gratitude for his appointment, highlighting the importance of focusing on performance rather than party affiliations in governance. He emphasized his dedication to enhancing the educational landscape within the local government and pledged to leave a memorable mark within his three-year tenure.

Despite his affiliation with the APC, Hon. Ademola assured a seamless transition, noting the accommodating nature of the PDP. He also emphasized his commitment to improving education, stating that party allegiance would not hinder his dedication to the cause.

‘’ I\'m a member of APC. The PDP has a big umbrella that can accommodate the whole of Nigeria. So, if APC sweeps me out with the broom in the rain, the PDP will gladly hand me an umbrella to cover me from the rain and find stability. For now, I am very focused on making all the government or public schools as we call them in Ibadan North LGA fully equipped and supported to get every student and pupil optimal results. That\'s the dream of my principal and that\'s the main deal for me, party or not.’’

With a clear vision for educational reform, Hon. Ademola outlined his objectives, promising tangible results within the first 100 days of office. He stressed the need for collaboration with government agencies and stakeholders to refurbish existing infrastructure and implement effective strategies for educational advancement in Ibadan North local government.

In addressing potential conflicts arising from his cross-party appointment, while speaking with a correspondent from Ibadan Media, Hon. Ademola emphasized mutual respect among party members, highlighting the importance of focusing on the task at hand – transforming education in Ibadan North LGA.

He said, ‘’ I ran for my constituency House of Assembly seat and also my LGA Chairman seat on the wings of APC, in the past 2 years and was told to hold on and I never stopped supporting the party nor the candidates, so if now my bosom friend of almost 25 years becomes a Governor or Chairman and asks that I join him in pushing a creative agenda of change, why should I limit myself for political reasons? Check the presidency. Several people are in offices today without having APC party membership. How many people have gone there to wail? The focus should be on our results and success. ‘’

Reflecting on the broader educational landscape in Oyo State, Hon. Ademola acknowledged existing challenges and proposed his appointment as a catalyst for change. Drawing from his previous initiatives and passion for education, he expressed confidence in his ability to surpass expectations and contribute meaningfully to educational development.

‘’ Before my appointment, I kicked off the South West Educational Intervention Project (S.W.E.I.P) because of how passionate I am about education development. I organize debate competitions for kids and dash them laptops and money. So, my track record over time is enough to answer and that\'s why I\'m thankful to my principal for giving me a broader level to come and contribute.  My mantra is OLUFADE must SURPASS EXPECTATIONS and that we\'d do. ‘’

Hon. Ademola’s appointment showcases a shift towards bipartisanship in local governance, prioritizing competence and performance above political connection. As he assumes his role, all eyes are on him to deliver on his promise of revolutionizing education within Ibadan North local government, setting a standard for effective governance irrespective of party affiliation.
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