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Popular Actress, Nkechi Warns Motorist Against Over Speeding On Third Mainland Bridge

08 March

The popular actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has warned motorists against driving at high speed on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos as a result of the reconstruction going on.

Nkechi made this known on her Instagram page, where she warned against over speeding on the bridge, especially with the recent reconstruction making the road smoother, to ensure safety.

The mother of one disclosed that she almost had an accident on the bridge, even though she was not driving at full speed.

She said that one of her friends was not so lucky as he lost his life on the bridge recently.

The grieving actress further questioned if the reconstruction would be a blessing or a curse to Lagos residents.

The 35-year-old movie star wrote: “I appreciate whoever is in charge of the reconstruction of the 3RD Mainland Bridge, but I can categorically tell you that the new bridge is dangerous, more like a death trap….With my driving experience on that bridge two nights ago, please and please do not drive speed on that bridge, yes it’s a beautiful and smooth bridge now compared to the way it was before, but I almost had an accident two nights ago, not like I was even speeding cus me no sabi drive speed, but my steering almost left my hands while driving…then just last night I lost a good friend on that same bridge, it hurts but What can we call this? A Blessing or a curse? Rest well Akintoye. Please do NOT over SPEED on the new 3rd mainland Bridge Please I am begging you. Untimely death will never be our portion. #Riptoyebeneon.”

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