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05 February
Disclaimer:  Do not get the cringe when you find your type here. If you have ever worked in the corporate world as a Nigerian before, sorry, you have definitely one of these.

Different people with different mentality and character that functions differently in the corporate world, And I guess that’s the fun of the ‘9-5’ worlds. Let’s talk about the different kind of people in the 9-5 world. 



These ones are perpetual late comers, they are known as the ‘sneakers’, they are never early to work, whenever they arrive, their popular question when they arrive is “Is Oga around?” And will always write the wrong time in the attendance sheet. We know them.



They can do anything to get oga’s approval. They come earlier than anyone else in the office. They finish their duties before everyone else in the office. They are like the smitch of the company, looking for other employees’ fault just to tell on them and get recognition from the boss.


3. The Funny Ones.

These particular ones lighten up the whole atmosphere in the office. One sentence and you are there grinning over the heap of documents in front of you. These ones are really the sweetest.


4. The Quiet Ones.

These ones are will be in the office and you will never know they are around, even when they are walking, you hardly hear the sound of their shoes. Its actually safe to call them “The office ghost”.


5. The Foodies

These particular ones, come to the office with food, when ‘Iya-Alamala’ comes, they will buy, during lunch break, they will go for lunch, and even after lunch break, you see them munching chips while working. They always have water. The first thing they do after signing attendance is to eat their breakfast, they hardly come to work without their breakfast.



These ones always have gist, they always have something to talk about. They always end their gist with “I’m not sure o, But that’s what I heard.” They know the exact quantity of ‘pepper, salt and maggi’ to add to their story.
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