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Binance Executive Escapes FG Custody

25 March

Binance executive, Nadeem Anjarwalla, one of the two senior executives detained by the Federal Government in February, has reportedly escaped custody amidst allegations of tax evasion and other offences.

The detention occurred amid the government's crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges, aiming to curb speculation on the naira. 

Binance is charged with several offenses, including failure to pay Value-Added Tax and Company Income Tax, neglecting to file tax returns, and assisting customers in evading taxes via its platform.

According to Premium Times, Anjarwalla, on Friday, reportedly fled from the Abuja guest house where he and his colleague were detained. It is reported that he managed to escape while guards on duty accompanied him to a nearby mosque for prayers.

Anjarwalla, a British citizen with Kenyan citizenship as well, is believed to have left Abuja using a Middle Eastern airline. It's unclear how he managed to board an international flight given that Nigerian authorities were holding his British passport, which he used to enter Nigeria.

Authorities are working to ascertain his intended destination to get him back into custody, Premium Times reports.

An Immigration official stated that the Binance executive fled Nigeria using a Kenyan passport. The official revealed that authorities are investigating how he acquired the passport, especially considering that he had no other travel documents besides his British passport at the time of his arrest.

According to another source, the two executives were held in a comfortable guest house and were granted various privileges, including access to telephones. Anjarwalla is believed to have used this opportunity to strategize his escape.

Zakari Mijinyawa, the Head of Strategic Communication at the Office of the National Security Adviser, was unable to verify the incident when reached on Sunday night. He assured that he would investigate and provide a response. However, as of the time of compiling this report, he has not done so.

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