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Wednesday, 22 May

Taye Currency In Umrah for Lesser Hajj, Dispel Ill-Health Rumor

03 April

Fuji music star Taye Akande Adebisi, also known as Taye Currency, undertook the lesser Hajj (Umrah) rites in the holy city of Makkah a few days after he dismissed rumours circulating on social media platforms about his health.

Recall that several media platforms had last month reported that the Fuji Maestro collapsed in London during his performance and was rushed to the hospital.

However, Currency, emphasised that his recent live-streamed performances on multiple social media platforms attest to his health and disprove any notion that he collapsed or needed to be hospitalised.

According to a statement obtained by our correspondent last week Tuesday, Taye Currency was said to have successfully performed the lesser hajj in good spirits and robust health.

The statement added that the Fuji Star carried out the rites to express gratitude to Allah for his life and to ask for his ongoing favour upon himself and his households.


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