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Friday, 19 April

Just In: Ibadan Residents Begins Protest Over High Cost Of Living

19 February

Ibadan residents hits the street to show their grievances over the hardship faced by citizens of Nigeria due to the high cost of living.

Ibadan Media gathered that the protesters are gathered at Mokola area of Ibadan, the state capital, with youths carrying placards and chanting songs to drive home their points.


Some of the placards have inscriptions such as ‘End food hike and inflation’, ‘The poor is starving’, ‘Tinubu, don’t forget your promises’, amongst others.


Armed policemen were seen at the protest scene even as demonstrators held the peaceful rally against the economic hardship in the land occasioned by the removal of petrol subsidy and the unification of the foreign exchange windows.


The police had on Sunday warned that no breach of peace would be allowed during any protest in the state.


The protest in Oyo followed others in Kano, Minna, amongst others, over economic hardship occasioned by petrol subsidy removal, food inflation, and high cost of living.
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