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Saturday, 22 June

2024 NPA Ibadan International Polo Tournament Rounds Up in Style

29 May

Reported by Anabel Enahoro

It was an entertaining battle of ponies, mallets, and speed as the 2024 NPA International Polo tournament reached its final day. 

The 2024 Ibadan International Polo tournament held at the Ibadan Polo Club had dignitaries and fans present and three finals lined up. The first of the finals was the Ade Alakija Memorial Cup final which saw Ibadan D & B Imperial Polo take on IB Durante Meristem in a four-chukker match.

Durante Meristem who has been impressive throughout the tournament was capped by Ahmed Umar, Chukker 1 saw Durante Meristem lead (3-1) against Imperial D&B Polo. Nothing can be done in Chukker 2 either as Durante Meristem continued their dominance leading (4-0). Chukker 3 had Imperial D&B Polo showing signs of life after converting two 30 yards penalty to win (3-1), But nothing could be done in Chukker 4 despite Babal Lawal coming in as a substitute for Imperial D&B Polo after Salisu Umaru took an early fall in the final chukker. 
Durante Meristem won the final chukker (1-0) bringing the full-time scoreline after 4 chukkers to (9-4) in favour of Durante Meristem making them winners of the Ade Alakija Memorial Cup. 

The second Final of the day was the General Rotimi Cup, which was keenly contested by Lagos Caverton Sao Paolo and Lagos GDF Global. 

The match of 4 chukkers had the Lagos Caverton Sao Paolo starting with a handicap of 0.5. Chukker but it was Lagos GDF Global that led (1-0.5) of Lagos Caverton Sao Paolo after Sule\\\'s late conversion for Lagos GDF Global on Chukker 1. 

Chukker 2 saw Lagos Caverton Sao Paolo battle to gain the upper hand as they won with a goal while Chukker 3 was a battle of skills as both teams ended in a 1-all draw. 
Lagos Caverton Sao Paolo was done playing in chukker 4 as went all out to get a 2-1 win bringing the final scoreline after 4 chukkers to 4.5 against Lagos GDF Global\\\'s 3. Lagos Caverton Sao Paolo are winners of the General Rotimi Cup. 

The third and final match of the day was the Ibadan Cup Final a match that was the high point of the day and the most anticipated final of the tournament between Ibadan LCGI and Lagos A1/ A+ due to the class of riders including the President of Ibadan Polo Club Kayinsola Owoeye and the Argentine Diego White. 
Chukker 1 started slowly with A1/A+ given a handicap of 1.5. A1/A+ also got the first penalty of the match but was put wide but they came on to win the first chukker (2.5-1). 

Spectators had fun cheering both teams in Chukker 2 as Ibadan LCG 1 won (2-1) in that round. 

Both teams were relentless as the match went on with Lagos A1/A+ coming to win the Chukker 3 (2 - 0) while Chukker 4 was claimed by Ibadan LCG 1 (2-1). 

Fans were disappointed to see the game end as Ibadan LCG conceded due to the loss of daylight and not playing the 5th and final chukker giving the Lagos A1/A+ a win of (6.5 - 5) at the end of the match making the Lagos team winners of the Ibadan Cup.
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