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MINIMUM WAGE: Labour Criticizes Tinubu’s Speech, Insists On N250k

13 June

Reported by Ayooluwa Afolabi

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has voiced its concerns over President Bola Tinubu’s statement during his Democracy Day address yesterday in which he painted a picture of a harmonious and successful wage review negotiation.

The leadership of Labour highlighted discrepancies between the President’s remarks and the actual proceedings of the national minimum wage negotiations.

According to LEADERSHIP, in a statement signed by the NLC acting president, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, while President Tinubu’s address painted a picture of harmonious and successful wage negotiations, the reality, as experienced by the NLC, tells a different story.

The labour leader asserted that no agreement had been reached on the base figure for a new national minimum wage or its components, contrary to the President’s claims.

He said that the organized labour steadfast position is a demand for a minimum wage of N250,000, which they consider a significant concession made by Nigerian workers during the negotiation process.

The NLC expressed surprise at the President’s announcement of an agreement and suggested that he might have been misled into believing that a consensus had been reached with the NLC and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC).

Adeyanju also refuted any claims of intimidation or harassment during the negotiations, contrary to the President’s peaceful and cooperative approach narrative.

Rather, the labour center alleged that its leaders were surrounded by armed soldiers and subjected to media propaganda aimed at intimidating them, orchestrated by senior government officials.

He further stated that the NLC remains hopeful that President Tinubu will honour his democratic principles and the promises made to Nigerian workers by preparing an Executive Bill that truly offers a living wage to workers.

They urged the president to reject advice from those seeking to undermine the country’s workers’ welfare and fulfill his pledge to lift them out of poverty.

The NLC further called for a stronger democratic nation built on equity and prosperity for the majority, rather than a select few.

The union reiterated its commitment to justice, equity, and fairness for all Nigerians and said it looked to the President to demonstrate his commitment to these values through his actions, especially on the national minimum wage.
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