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02 January
There is nothing like ‘’too much glow.’’ Even shea-butter is not enough.

The 10X chess champion made it clear that staying moisturized is not an option, and chose to lead by example. Here we have some Elsa Majimbo way to glow generously;

If you are a dark-skinned person and you do not use shea-butter, I wonder how you plan to glow,  Our God-given natural glow butter is slowly going out of style. Get some natural shea butter and massage lavishly into your skin till it almost looks like a mirror. You’re black and should shine.  Trust me, shea butter is not even enough.


Top the lavishly buttered skin with some petroleum jelly. you need that extra glow for the inner melanin to pop. Generously massage everywhere, neck, shoulder, chest, belly, arm, legs, even armpit, without missing a part. So when people  see you and say things like ‘’ Even if you’re a plantain’’ you will know you have done well


You don’t stop at scoops of shea-butter and petroleum jelly, you top up with some body oil to do justice to parts where the petroleum jelly and shea butter didn’t touch. 


You really dont want to go out all skin well moisturized like a black glow barbie with chap lips. Not even a matte lip finish, Glow for glow baby! Elsa understood the assignment, I hope you do too.


You are glowing and you ought to smell nice too, don’t leave one for the other, Glowing is important, Smelling nice is importanter. Spray the mist!


I guess our queen has trust issues, because she tops everything, one is never enough. So, do some more fragrance, but don’t do too much so you don’t choke innocent people. But this right here is the best layering.


<span style="\\\\\\\\&quot;font-size:" 13px;\\\\\\\\"="">After reading these tips, you should not be caught looking ashy, especially if you are dark skinned. And always go out each day smelling like a million bucks!
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