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Sunday, 14 July

Ibadan Blast: Residents Calls On Govt To Take Action, As Victims Are Still In Limbo

01 March
The residents of Bodija Estate, where the blast occurred, have occurred on the Oyo State Government to take necessary actions as many of the victims of the blast of January 19, are “still in limbo”.

The President of the Bodija Estate Residents Association (BERA), Mr. Muyiwa Bamgbose, made this known to news agency, where he commended the efforts of the Oyo State government but also calls for the next line of action.

In his statement, “The people are wondering what the next line of action is. People are tired of staying in hotel while many are still in hotels, they don’t even know whether they are going to rent a house, because building house does not happen overnight.

“It takes a while to build a house, people are in limbo. Our appeal is for a decision of what we want to do with this people, let them know their lot, their fate, where they’re going.

“I spoke with an 85-year-old man, who told me, he built in his house in 1976, he retired into the place and now the place is gone, what does he do? Where does he start from? Definitely he does not have strength to build another house at 85, How long will he take to build the house? How long will he live?

“This is the problem and we are concerned for them, we feel their pains and woes. We are appealing to the government to speak out, let them know where they are going.

“This are people of substance who have served this nation, the nation has a degree of responsibility to them and others, to ensure they have a dignity and a good means of existence”.

“The Government have done so much especially the Oyo state government. The Governor has done so much. In other Climes, what they would have done is to put a shed somewhere and ask people to live under the canopy. The state government gave them food, accommodation, and other things and we appreciate them for that and we also know that people are sending their resources and we appreciate them for that, but we hope the government can do more than that.

“What happened was not the fault of the people living peacefully in their house, they are waiting for the next line of action despite the efforts of the government because some are still in the hotels”.

Mr Bamgbose added that, “If a man knows where he’s going, he’s half- way there. For a man to live in a limbo, is a great problem, especially for people who have been in control of their lives. Someone who decides when to eat, go out, bathe and do other things and is now living as a dependent person,”
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