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Wednesday, 22 May

Makinde Blasts Governors Bid for State Police; Calls It A Waste of Time

25 March

Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, on Monday, expressed that the submission of memoranda by state governors advocating for state police was a futile exercise.

During an interview on Channels TV's Politics Today, Makinde voiced criticism regarding the recent submission of reports by 16 governors to the National Economic Council, advocating for the establishment of state police.

Last week, sixteen state governors submitted reports to the National Economic Council, advocating for the establishment of state police and proposing constitutional amendments to facilitate it. 

Despite proponents' claims that state police would address Nigeria's security challenges, Governor Makinde, alongside 20 other governors, remains skeptical. He criticized the approach, arguing that the matter should be handled by the National Assembly, not the NEC or the National Security Adviser. 

However, twenty other governors have yet to submit their reports for NEC consideration.

In response, Makinde clarified that he did not submit any memoranda regarding state policing and expressed his belief that such submissions were futile. 

"I did not submit any memorandum on state police. My stance on state police is clear—I consider it a waste of time," he stated. 

 "My decision not to submit was not due to arrogance but rather because I believe the approach will not lead us to where we want to go. Asking states to submit memoranda on the workings of state police is not a productive approach." 

Makinde emphasised that the matter of state police should be addressed by the National Assembly due to its constitutional significance, before being confirmed by state Houses of Assembly.

“The National Assembly knows what to do. They have people who can quickly do this work. It is not the National Security Adviser or the National Economic Council that will deal with the issue of state police,” the governor remarked.

 "It is a constitutional thing and should go to the National Assembly. Then, at the state level, we get our state Houses of Assembly to pass this law,” he added.

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