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Classic Display of Mallets and Ponies as NPA Ibadan International Polo Tournament kicks off

20 May

Reported by Anabel Enahoro

The 2024 edition of the NPA Ibadan International Polo Tournament kicked off in style at the Ibadan Polo Club Eleyele Road Ibadan. 
The event which was graced by polo fans, ponies, riders, and dignitaries across Nigeria took a fine start as the first match of 4 chukkers between Ibadan Lead City Group Daisy and the Lagos Ikoyi team drew their mallets with the Lagos Ikoyi team starting the first chukker with an 0.5 handicap, but it wasn\'t enough as the Ibadan Lead City won the game 7-1.5 over their Lagos counterpart. One of the major highlights of the match was the return of the legendary Mahmuda Shehu who made his return for the first time in 20 years. 
Ibadan Durante Meristem and Ibadan Black The Edit Polo took the field for the second and final match of day 1 with a balanced handicap between their riders. A match that displayed class and experience from the first to the final chukker with brothers and polo princesses playing for opposite teams saw Ibadan Durante Meristem coming on top 10-4 against Ibadan Black The Edit Polo. 
Speaking on the importance of the tournament the captain of Ibadan Polo Club Mr Edozie Ongwuli thanked everyone who has made it down to the tournament, \"I can assure you it will be a thrilling one. Polo is an interesting game\", he said. He also acknowledged the  President of Ibadan Polo Club Mr Kayinsola Owoeye and Vice President Mr Bola Adeyemi for their continuous work towards the success of the tournament.
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