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Our Product Is NAFDAC Certified, Safe & Suitable For Public Consumption - Coco Samba Producer

02 March

The manufacturer of Coco Samba Milk and Chocolate Flavoured Herbal Extract, Bullion Go-Neat Global Ltd, has issued an official statement to assure the consumer that its product is safe and suitable for public consumption.

The statement which was issued in response to some fake news being reported by some news and blogs in the country was obtained by this platform, to confirm the authenticity and safe for public consumption.

The statement read below:

"We, Bullion Go-Neat Global Ltd, wish to address recent concerns surrounding our product, Coco Samba Milk and Chocolate Flavoured Herbal Extract. 

"We affirm that our herbal extract, bearing NAFDAC Number A8-9149L, is unequivocally safe and suitable for consumption.

"In response to previous publications, we issued a cautionary statement, alerting the public to the unfortunate falsification of our product by criminal elements seeking to exploit its global popularity. 


"As a company dedicated to our customer's well-being, we are actively collaborating with law enforcement and relevant agencies to identify and apprehend those responsible for the production and distribution of counterfeit products. 

"Their deceitful actions aim to capitalize on the widespread acceptance of our genuine product, but we assure the public that their activities will be curtailed.

"We call upon media organizations to disseminate accurate information to the public, emphasizing the safety and authenticity of  Coco Samba Milk and Chocolate Flavoured Herbal Extract with NAFDAC Number A8-9149L.

"Rest assured, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and serving the public with the utmost respect.

"Thank you for your understanding.


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