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Sunday, 14 July

Taye Currency Backup Artist Confirms Fuji Star Illness, Hospitalization In London

20 March

Waidi Olayemi, a backup artist for Taye Currency, has verified that his boss has been unwell since the start of Ramadan fasting, confirming reports of his collapse in London.

The Fuji music sensation, Taye Currency, was said to have reportedly collapsed in U.K and was rushed to a hospital.

In a 45-second leaked voice note shared on the WhatsApp group, Olayemi said, Taye Currency has not been feeling too well over the weeks, and claimed that his boss had to cancel some bookings before Ramadan started due to advice from his doctor.

" I was called last night that, Alhaji was rushed to Hospital in London, thou, and no one has heard anything again since last night but I hope he is in good condition now.

" Alhaji has been suffering from a major health challenge since a few weeks ago, he managed to go to some shows and later canceled 3 bookings days before Ramadan. His doctor has told him to rest, I think that is why he went to London at the beginning of Ramadan. 

" For now, we have not been able to reach him," Olayemi said

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