OYOMIP: Thani, Winner of ‘2023 Youth of The Year’ Shares Her Vision With Organisers

02 February
The organizers of the Oyo State Most Influential Award has visited the winner of the 2023 Oyo State Youth of The Year, Ms. Thani Muhammed Habibatullah, CEO of Beeba House of Stitches, at her Mokola office, in Ibadan where the winner shared her good visions.
The purpose of the visit, according to Mr. Ola Olanrewaju, the convener of the award and the CEO of Ibadan Media Ltd, was to officially congratulate Ms. Thani Habibatullah, the winner of the youth category in the just-concluded contest, and to educate her on the benefits and responsibilities that the position entails.
Thani Habibatullah emerged winner of the 2023 Oyo State Youth of the Year category after a keenly contested competition, with Mr. Faysol Dawud-Oluwakemi as the 1st runner-up and Mr. Adetunji Gbolagade as the 2nd runner-up.
Ibadan Media boss encouraged Thani on the need to create empowerment for the people of Oyo State, as her new position calls for it. He also emphasized the power and responsibility that the position entails and how she can channel it to her benefit.
He further highlighted the importance of her image to the media, as she is now a public figure and her life is now under the spotlight. She may be called upon at any time to showcase herself and the brand, Oyo State Most Influential Award Series.
In her response, Ms. Thani thanked the team for their visit and expressed appreciation for the transparency and fairness in the voting process.
She however shared her vision for promoting women’s empowerment as the 2023 Oyo State Youth of The Year, stressing that she’s also going to expedite more actions at the grassroots to eliminate violence against women and girl-child. 
“I also want to express my gratitude to you and the entire team for the wonderful job you guys are doing. It would be unfair of me not to acknowledge your fair dealing, transparency, and the fairness of the contest,” she noted.
She further encouraged the organizers to continue their good work and maintain the high standards they've been known for.
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