Expert Sensitizes Golfers On Importance of Spa To Golfing

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Expert Sensitizes Golfers On Importance of Spa To Golfing

An expert, Catherine Anifowose, expert in body-wellness and CEO of Fiefie Spa has emphasized the importance of the spa as a performance enhancer and a key to the wellness of a golfer.

Anifowose who partnered with the prestigious Ibadan Golf Club (IGC) during its recently held Captain Inaugural Tournament disclosed this while addressing golfers during a sensitization session organized on the first and arrival day of the event.

While speaking during the session, the esthetician described golf as a beautiful game noting that, as beautiful as golf is, it’s also a very strenuous game as well as a game that affects the whole part of the body, and as we know the body.

“The words spa and wellness tend to be interchangeable and their use varies from country to country. Spa refers to the wide range of facilities that can be enjoyed by individuals looking for a relaxing, stress-relieving, invigorating, or feel-good experience.

“And contrary to popular belief, golf is very physically demanding. An effective golf swing requires strength, stability, explosive power, flexibility, and athletic ability to perform a movement that produces some of the fastest club head and ball speeds, so taking a spa for golfers is often encouraged.

“As we all know golf is a beautiful game but as beautiful as it is it’s a very strenuous game as well as a game that affects whole part of the body and as we know the body is supposed to be rejuvenated and relaxed, but when the body is not in that state you can’t give the best for your game.

“But Fiefie spa is here to give relaxation to your body after each game you play, we set your feet, we set your shoulder and feat your arm because after each game there are so many injuries incurred and most of these players don’t know and that was why we organized a sensitization session on the arrival day where we let them understand that their body might be in danger even though they’re enjoying their game, so inculcating the spar into golfing is a very important thing”, said Anifowose.

When asked how often can golfers engage in the spa, the expert said Spa is a day-to-day activity, describing the spa as life, and like water, that someone cannot keep away from, adding that is why she’s trying to create that awareness among golfers, that it should be a routine with their golfing activities.

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