Usher denies having s*x with woman involved in herpes suit

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Usher has denied ever having  s*x  with a woman suing him for allegedly exposing her to the herpes virus, claiming that she isn’t his type.

Quantasia Sharpton is one of three alleged victims – two women and a man – suing Usher for failing to tell them he had herpes before they allegedly had  s*x .

But Usher has now told friends that while he may have pulled Sharpton up on stage during a concert, he says he never had  s*x  with the woman.

Usher ‘looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels’, one insider told TMZ, while another said he believed it was ‘an esteem booster’ to bring people onstage during concerts.

Sharpton, a 21-year-old mother of three, claims that she had  s*x  with Usher following a concert of his that she went to with friends to celebrate her 19th birthday.

She says she was selected from the crowd to go backstage before the show and meet Usher – real name Usher Raymond – because of the birthday crown she was wearing.

Later, she says a security guard came up to her and asked for her number because Usher was ‘interested in her’.

After the show, she says she got a call from a blocked number and it was Usher, asking her what hotel she was staying in and the room number.

About an hour later, Sharpton says Usher arrived at her hotel and they had ‘ s*x ual contact’. But after he left, she ‘never heard from him again’.

Sharpton said she was shocked last month to learn that Usher possibly has herpes.

When Sharpton read about that case, she contacted high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom to see what her legal options were, even though she tested negative for the virus when she had a child last year.

While Sharpton doesn’t have the disease, at least one of the three clients that Bloom is representing say they caught the disease, and blame Usher for it.

One of her clients is a man who said he had oral  s*x with the star with no warning about his STD.
Sharpton says if she had known that Usher had herpes, she ‘would have never consented’ to  s*x  with him.

She said she ‘would not have taken the risk’ because her ‘health is very’ important to her, especially since becoming a mother.

The lawsuit, obtained by DailyMail.com, claims Usher had vaginal  s*x  with at least one of the two women and he had ‘unprotected  s*x ‘ with the man.

The three plaintiffs claim they had unprotected  s*x , or oral  s*x , with Usher because he is a ‘revered celebrity in their eyes who they believed could be loved and trusted’.

Bloom said earlier this week that the new lawsuit wasn’t about herpes. She says herpes is a medical condition and nothing to be ashamed about.

However, as a highly-contagious disease that can cause high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, and expensive treatment – Bloom says that Usher should have told his  s*x ual partners about his diagnosis.

She says he violated his  s*x  partners’ rights ‘by failing to warn them prior to having  s*x ual contact’.
‘At least one of my clients has tested positive – and alleges that it was Mr Raymond who transmitted it,’ she said.

Bloom had to defend Sharpton after her client’s ‘I need money’ Facebook post, saying it had nothing to do with the lawsuit.

The post was shared to Facebook one week before the suit was filed against the superstar singer.
Bloom said that Sharpton did not put a dollar amount on the lawsuit and that she only wants what a jury thinks is a fair amount.

On Tuesday, New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed documents citing that they will not pay for the $20million herpes lawsuit against the singer by a Jane Doe in Georgia if he loses because his policy does not cover STDs, TMZ reported.

The woman in this lawsuit claims she had  s*x  with the singer twice this year and contracted herpes from him.

In the documents the insurance company filed, they use a clause in his policy that excludes coverage for ‘bodily injury … arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by [Usher].’
NYM&G has an issue with Usher over the alleged settlement he paid in 2012 to a woman for allegedly infecting her with the STD. They claim Usher never disclosed that issue when he signed the policy in 2016.

The insurance company also referenced the lawsuit by Bloom on behalf of her three clients stating that it also does not want to pay in that case.

Bloom’s three clients all allege that Usher failed to inform them he had herpes, an incurable s s*x ually-transmitted disease, before engaging in the alleged  s*xual encounters.

The lawsuit makes note of recent news reports that Usher admitted in court documents in 2012 to having the disease as part of a settlement with another woman.

They claim Usher has never publicly denied having herpes, or made an effort to contact them to confirm or deny the reports, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit states the alleged victims have suffered severe emotional distress, birthing complications, stress, depression and anxiety about contracting or being exposed to herpes.

Court filings claim that in the event that Usher doesn’t have herpes, his conduct has still caused ‘severe emotional distress’ since he has allowed them to worry that he has exposed them to the virus.

The lawsuit was filed by Bloom in California on Monday. Bloom had Sharpton speak about the nerve-wracking moment she learned about Usher’s alleged diagnosis – three years after sleeping with the singer.

Bloom says her clients have been ‘anxious and upset; after learning Usher possibly has the disease, and yet he has not ‘reached out to any of them directly or indirectly’ to either confirm his diagnosis or assuage their fears by saying he doesn’t have the disease.

They can’t call him either because he always called them from a blocked number, she says.
Their ‘trust and faith has been shattered,’ she said.

‘No one in America – even a popular celebrity – is above the law,’ Bloom said, adding that ordinary people like her clients have the ‘legal right to be respected’.

Bloom says that her clients are not asking for a specific amount, and they will be fine with whatever a jury decides to award, if they win the case.

It’s ‘really not about money,’ she said.

The Love in This Club singer celebrates his two-year wedding anniversary to wife Grace Miguel in September.

Culled from DailyMail