Ufit Fly Facilitates 90% Edu. Scholarship For Students To Study In Turkish University

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The popular Ibadan based travels and tour expert, Ufit Fly through its collaboration with Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, Turkey has facilitated educational scholarship worth 90percent of tuition and accommodation for Nigerian youths.

The entry exams, which was the first step towards securing the educational scholarship was conducted by Fatih Yilmaz, an associate Professor from Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University at the Lead City University Ibadan on Monday 24th where about 100 participants took the exams.

While addressing the examiners, Yilmaz, who is also the international student Coordinator for the Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University in his remarks allayed the fear of possible racial discrimination threat from the mind of the aspiring students saying Turkish people always welcomed international students with open arm.

“There’s no racism threat for them in turkey and if you noticed in all my statements I don’t call them foreign students, I call them international students, that is why students from outside Turkey are called, Turkish considered them as their guests and doesn’t extend any racial tendencies to them”, Yilmaz noted.  

He added that he is in the country to take Nigerian students to study in his University in turkey, “this is the second place we will be conducting the scholarship entry exams that comprise of 80 questions, 40 on mathematics and 40 on IQ which is the first step towards qualifying for this scholarship scheme. 

“We held the same exams in Lagos on June 22nd and I must thank the Ufit Fly firm for facilitating this important examination. In Turkey, the government had subsidized education especially for the international students, which will make them pay very low tuition fees.

Yilmaz explained further that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey love youths globally to be well educated and he likes to encourage students especially from Africa so that they could be of positive influence to their locality and contributes to the development of the African countries. 

“Government and corporate bodies in Turkey used to donate money to assist poor people in Africa or support different health challenges, such as free cataracts surgeries in Africa for the past 20 years, but recently they decided to change it to educating people from Africa through a well-subsidized educational scheme. 

“The beneficiaries are expected to come back and developed the continent; it is part of the support to humanity scheme of the Turkish government. Two weeks ago, I was in Cameroon, now I am in Nigeria, and after leaving here I will be in Somalia, yearly we take 500 students from different countries to my University”, the don enthused.