There’s An Evil Motive Behind Amotekun, We’ll Also Armed Our Cattlemen and Crush Them – Kitowa

The much debated South West Security Network code-named “Amotekun”, according to Nigeria’s cattle breeders association was formed to disrupt cattle herders. The group which feels will be targeted the most by the outfit has denounced the outfit once more.

According to I reporter online, the controversy surrounding the creation of a security outfit for the South West, Amotekun, continues to grow.

In a statement released by it’s national president, Muhammad Kitowa, Nigeria’s cattle breeders association said that the association was severing ties with the Yoruba nation for going ahead with their Amotekun Security Network.

Kitowa speaking in Abuja says that the association and it’s affiliates will cease to support the political ambitions of the Yoruba people, saying that the much debated Amotekun Security Network was formed to disrupt cattle herders.

He said “We cannot be supporting those who are against us. The only reason for forming Amotekun is Fulani people, to drive us away from their land. Tell me are we not all Nigerians?

I have seen that the Amotekun boys have been armed. If they are armed, we have no choice than to arm cattlemen because they need to protect themselves from the danger which Amotekun will pose to them.

They cannot reject Ruga and also reject open grazing, they must choose one. All I can tell you now is that they are pushing us too far. They are really pushing us to the walls. We have held meetings with relevant government agencies and they promised to look into the issue.

How can they go ahead with Amotekun when the police issued them notice to stop? How can they ignore the President’s directive? I see that there is an evil motive behind this security network.

I heard they have also endowed them with charms to kill our cows. For any cow killed, their government will pay double for it. For every Fulani herdsman killed, violence will erupt. We have been oppressed for too long. It’s time to tell Yoruba people that we are not cowards and by Allah’s power, we will crush Amotekun and crush all their evil plots against the Fulani race.” He added.

Ibadan Media will like to remind us that no fewer than 36 cows was struck to dead by lightning while grazing in a part of the sacred forest known as Oke-Owa in agrarian community of Ijare in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State in October 2019.

The cows, estimated to cost between N100,000 and N200,000, were alleged to have been brought into the community by some Fulani herdsmen.

Investigation showed that a few days before the incident, which is believed to be unprecedented in the history of the community, some residents warned the herdsmen to take the animals away from the vicinity of the sacred forest as it was forbidden to trespassers.

Although the herdsmen, identified as Abdullahi and Musa, were also informed that the part of the sacred forest where the incident occurred was the place where the traditional ruler of the community usually performed special rituals to appease the gods of the land, and it was out of bounds to even natives of the community, they had ignored the warning to the peril of their cattle.

Another similar scene occurred few days later where another eight cows were struck dead by lightning after another group of herders reportedly led them to a sacred mountain around the grove.

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