The Making Of A Loser; A Response To Burna Boy By Ayo George

It is often said that what humans cannot explain or understand, they mystify. And mostly, the crab mentality, the pull him down syndrome always finds expression in Africa, to the point that we openly show our disdain for success that is not ours. We are that vile.

It is only in Africa and particularly Nigeria that people just get angry that you have a father rich enough to believe in your dreams and thereafter investing in same. This has been the story of the likes of DJ Cuppy and mostly OBO. The one who has a boy trapped in a man’s body (@burnaboy) has never hidden his disdain for the growth of others, especially others in the game, that he feels are competition.

He is so petty that he can hardly control his emotions each time there is a win on the other side. He alluded in his post that the man bought the team for the boy that didn’t know how to play. Is it not funny therefore to note that once the team was bought, the boy started scoring unbelievable goals? The boy became better at every game played and ended up as a superstar 🌟🌟.

It is the fault of the likes of DJ Cuppy and OBO that they have rich fathers that are willing to always make their kids happy in their chosen careers. I am sure Burnaboy’s dad would have gladly done same if he was that rich. So why the beef? OBO is the only son of a billionaire I know that hustles like the rest of us that don’t have billionaire fathers.

The dude gave us #AGT album only months ago, and is ready to give us #ABT by July. How else do you define hardwork? He didn’t need to release another in a year or two. It should be asked however that which one is paining “Oga Boy” in this matter. The fact that OBO is succeeding or the fact that his dad is rich, or the fact that his dad put money in his son’s career and he repaid his dad by being successful at it? “Oga Boy” needs to grow up. He is talented but this pride has become a thing.

No wonder some Nigerians were happy Grammy didn’t come home. They had seen the future. They knew Oga won’t be humble ever again. Oga would have told even the Legends of the industry to crawl before him. According to votes on @naija_charts of which I participated alongside 61,373 others, we believe that Fall by OBO beat Oga’s Ye. And truthfully, it is. Oga shouted Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye about 150 times within the whole track. Tchelete by OBO featured the South Africa duo Mafikizolo dusted Oga’s Giddem by tons of kilometres. Aye by OBO had a good showing against Oga’s spiritual. I had to head for @YouTube to watch most of these songs again after I voted here. IF has an unprecedented 106m views already on @YouTube.

This is success if you asked me, from a boy his father believed in so much and had to buy a team for. FALL has 168m views on @YouTube. Not a bad showing. Only a few videos in Nigeria have crossed the 100m mark. Oga Boy has crossed 100m views, so has OBO. So now tell me, how is he not talented? It is high time Oga Boy stopped this unnecessary beef and jealousy. Like someone said, OBO has produced a lot of other stars, even his gateman @fatherdmw555 is a star. How many stars has Oga produced? NONE!!!!

For someone that believes he is the African Giant not to have produced a league of other superstars is a sign of failure. Why are we leaders if we can’t produce other leaders? MayorKun, Peruzzi, are stars already. Lilkesh and even Tekno enjoyed OBO’s push. I will leave it at this, and only expect Oga Boy to be more circumspect in his approach to others winning in Nigeria. And let it be know to everyone that OBO is a super talent who is also fortunate to have money to push his career forward. The guy has loads of invaluable hits