Residents In Ibadan Cry For Police Protection Over Badoo Likes Attack

Residents of Sango/Ore-meji area of Ibadan are seeking for Police protection over an attack similar to that of the dreaded Badoo Boys recently experienced again in the area when about six houses were attacked around Isopako area over the weekend.

While explaining to newsmen, a cleric, Alhaji Fatai Ayinla who is an Imam in a mosque in the neighbourhood said the boys suspected to be members of an occultist group unknowingly to the inhabitants of the area used to gather inside the cemetery to often smoke Indian hemp, and they decided to strike the residents in middle of the night.

“We are preparing for early morning prayers when we noticed that the hoodlums numbering about 20 storming the area and breaking people’s door with axes and machetes and inflicting various degrees of injuries on people. It was by god’s divine intervention that we escaped by scaling the fence with minor scars”, the Islamic cleric noted.

Another eyewitness, Kehinde Damilola Adewola said that was the second time they would be experiencing such attack in the area as the first on was what led our some people fled the area for fear of their lives, and they often seen the boys smoking inside the cemetery but never knew they would become menace to the residents.

Adewola claimed a couple of Tunji Yusuf Ayinla and his wife Saidat Oluwabunmi Ayinla whom they stayed together at 12 Ajegunle street Cocacola, Ore-meji Ibadan narrowly escaped from the assailants during the first raid.

“The couple has however taken to their heels by leaving the country after escaping with minor injuries after we heard that the boys threaten to repeat the attack, as it seemed they are yet to hit their targeted people, we have reported it at Sango Police station and pleading with the Police to save us from subsequent attack”.