I started facing cameras 40 years ago – Saheed Balogun

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Popular Nollywood filmmaker, producer and actor, Saheed Balogun, has disclosed that he started facing cameras some forty years ago while his career as an actor officially started few years later.

The Ibadan-actor made this known in an interview with The Nation correspondent.

He said that work is gradually progressing to ensure that Yoruba movies are displayed in cinemas.

“If we can start by doing it for six states, I mean the Yoruba-speaking states, and then have the movies subtitled for non-Yoruba speaking audience…”, he said.

The actor faulted Nigerians for turning politicians to daylight businessmen through their greed for material needs.

“It is the masses that turned politicians into businessmen. It is the masses that empower politicians to play us like Ludo or chess game. Why a man wants to contest for a political post, and you did not ask for his legacies; where is he coming from? Before contested, he started giving you rice, doing drama, and giving you money. You were collecting his money. It is obvious he is only investing the money. He is going to make back is money and even make extra”, Saheed said.

While addressing the state of the MOPPICON bill, the actor first expressed gratitude to the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, for his commitment and promotion of theatre works.

However, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of the bill, as he found it to see several producers run at loss due to the sharing formula in play.

In his words, “At times, I feel like crying to know that a film producer will only get 30% while the cinema house gets 60 or 70% of the proceeds from a film.  At the end of the day, the producer will run at a loss. We must have a structure. We are begging, and I am sure the minister is listening. He is a good man. I stand by him any day because he has contributed a lot to the industry. He will surely be remembered for his positive impact.”

He narrated that both English and Yoruba movies are rewarding, depending on how the movies are packaged, adding that a movie has no language

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