Hausa, Northern Minorities need Southern solidarity, not Southern animosity

Reno first alludes to a popular picture on of chickens and other birds that don’t usually form a group strangely encircling a common enemy, being a snake, so as to neutralize it. According to Reno, birds know how to unite to combat their common enemy.

He wrote further, ‘but in Nigeria, chickens fight other chickens so that the serpent can oppress them always.” He then links this anecdote to how the Southerners always view the Northerners in Nigeria.

He wrote that he had once lived in Sokoto and experienced how friendly the Northerners could be as opposed to the common perception of people from Southern Nigeria. He alluded to the precolonial history of the contact between the Yorubas and the Hausas, substantiating this with cross ventilation of certain Hausa words in Yoruba language and vice-versa.

He reminded the Southerners of the story of Sango whose mother was from the Northern minority group, the Nupe tribe in Niger. He said that the proliferation of the Almajiris in the north is as a result of the people holding the hilt of power in the North and doing all within their best to prevent the poor from accessing former education.

He wrote further that the word RUGA is not a Hausa word but just an acronym and we should support the Northerners to grow, not to thwart their growth. He said that real Christians who are ready to die for the gospel of Christ Jesus are among the Hausas and the minorities, not the Southerners who are just playing Christianity.