Deliver Oyo Hosts Commissioner, Demands Verifiable Projects

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There have been questions about the place of Oyo youths in the scheme of things within the state and if there is an opportunity for youth development and growth to leadership positions in Oyo state. In this exclusive interactive session, Deliver Oyo takes up Honorable Abayomi Oke, the state commissioner for youth and sports on these questions and many more.


Deliver Oyo is a movement geared towards good governance in Oyo State. The group advocates for leadership and not rulership, for accountability and proper use of public wealth.

The interactive session which held online via WhatsApp yesterday was moderated by Kazeem Bolarinwa, the initiator of the group.



The first question: *#deliveroyo, we saw what Tinubu did and is still doing in upbringing youths especially in Lagos state, grooming them for one leadership role or the other,  many of whom are doing well in the respective posts they occupy.

As a Commissioner for youths and sports, do u have any programme to develop the human capacity of youths for leadership role or for economic empowerment?

On the issue of programme for human capacity; we have some programs the major one is OYOABLE. This is Oyo Ajumose Business Leadership Entrepreneur programme

It’s meant to train our youths in the area off business development at CBN-EDC Centre Samonda where they would be taught in business, bookkeeping, accounting, law, HR, etc.

The Centre is run by Central Bank

Upon completion of the training the State Govt. has a partnership with Bank of Industry BOI where they would be empowered with single digits loan

Our focus in Sports is grassroots sports development called catch them young

Can I proceed with the next question Sir?


But before I go, going by your statement here, “where they would be taught”, is it that they haven’t started the teaching?

We are waiting Sir

Of cos

U know most young entrepreneurs start out Of passion …, the training is on how to do or manage business

Most of us dintbeven register the business or have tax id or bank account

This is different from skills & vocational training programme


Some sent this: Let him kindly add that on what ground those who will be taught are selected because I didn’t even know of the program

It’s through an online registration portal

There is no selection…..though presently we are still registering people but we want the first group who have been trained across the geopolitical zones of Oyo State to access the funds…….the central bank Youth support scheme is the 2nd empowerment aside BOI


My question:

For OYOABLE what have they done for them, they promised to return their 5k form fee, has it been returned??? And like how many people have you given the loan to??? (Ibadan media repr.)

This is the last question that will be taken on this segment! ***

1) The 5k would be returned

We are awaiting BOI to tidy the forms

Most of our people refuse to fill BOI forms online and submit their business plan…….as you know BOI is an independent body…….so we are grateful for CBN additional empowerment that  attendee of OYO able qualifies for


# deliver Oyo

My questions for the commissioner are, what he has been doing to actively engage the youths in the development of the state. Again, what plans does he have to reduce the level of unemployed youths of the state aside from giving of sowing machine, motorcycle and grinding machines to them as empowerment scheme?  Comrade Owolabi from Oyo

I think the 1st part of the question above is more important

Thanks…….if you read the above on entrepreneurship training programme…….I don’t deserve motorcycle or such empowerment……..we train on skills and vocation in partnership with Federal Agencies-ITF NDE the state also have its own vocational centres that need rehabilitation

Part of the engagement is skills and vocational training

It’s the private sector that would employ ……..the government only provides enabling environment…….that’s why the industrial Park being established by the State government is very key to solving the present unemployment crisis

That’s why we are encouraging our young ones to learn a skill

So that they can be employers of labour


Let’s come back here Sir, the last part….it needs rehabilitation? When would the renovations take place and how have people been training if the condition of the training centre isn’t conducive enough? #deliveroyo repr.

Hello, we are waiting Sir. We are however sorry to be eating into your private time

Government should let private sector run most of these vocational centres……though government should still have some centres across the state

This is an advice to the government

Going by your advice, if the government does, then the responsibility of the govt to provide jobs, and enabling environment for commercial purposes would be compromised because it has been shifted to the private. Don’t you think so? #Deliveroyo repr.

But like I said earlier…….we are working on partnership particularly with federal agencies

Govt is not abdicating its responsibility……what we are saying is that it’s the private sector that drives the economy

Government will create the ease of doing business, tax rebate

Which will encourage investors to come

That’s why Oyo State is in top five for ease of doing biz &’State that attracts FDI

Exactly, when there is enabling environment for investors and business person

Yes. And that’s why Govt is inviting investors into the industrial park along the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway

Yes I saw that place recently. It’s a great innovation

I will keep this question till we have you again Sir (Let’s come back here Sir, the last part….it needs rehabilitation? When would the renovations take place and how have people been training if the condition of the training centre isn’t conducive enough #deliveroyo repr.)

Someone asked: what are the “verifiable ongoing program/s” that we can key into (like right now) that will make better the life of we the youth. Is there any?

That’s y I said the OYO able is the flagship programme that we have

We also have Youth in Agriculture……..which is targeted at youths interested in Agric

That’s a great one

Please more highlight on this

We also have a programme for our of school youths called ‘Oyo Nise Oyo Leko’ for bringing them back into formal education

We are working with all the Agric research Centre’s – IITA, & others

OK…..thanks for honouring us, thanks for honouring #DeliverOyo.

Comments are rolling in that these programs aren’t heard about. At the moment, we have over 400 users receiving this chat (with other Zones inclusive). We would take it upon ourselves to confirm these programs.

On which one?


I think the advertisement or awareness haven’t been well done

OYOABLE trained our youth in all the zones it’s verifiable

Great! We would!

The Oyo Nise is yet to start but the artisan are very aware cos they are involved along with Ministry of Education


Now that this administration is coming to an end, do you think Oyo Nise will see the light of the day?

Gamine question

Very well

Cos it’s about to start and also because it’s driven by private sector

We already registered the artisans-

Barbers, etc

Does that mean some of us will be employed by this scheme??

It’s through the artisan association

That’s why I said it’s driven by private sector

OK….point gotten

Does it cost money to register??

So a graduate is advised to key into OYOABLE?


Could you please increase the tone of advertising OYOABLE?? At least for more people to be aware.

We shall

We would have to

Thanks, #deliveroyo will take this to the bank

While my spirit released you long ago, questions kept rolling in. Honourable, when are we going to have you here again??

We need to plan a live interactive session soon

Great, I am sure the 208 members of this platform would be glad to see this

Also those in other zones Ogbomoso, Oyo, Ibarapa and Okeogun

Sir, they all are extending their regards

It’s a pleasure

A word for Oyo state youths Sir!

Let’s work together towards s greater better Oyo State

Get ur pvc

Great, we shall….. A crusade on getting PVC will start soon, are we assured of the support of your ministry in all ramifications??

Pls say good night to the Commissioner….. He has tried immensely for giving his time and assurances on core issues


The chat with the commissioner ended by 10:30pm.

Deliver Oyo group is non governmental neither sponsors by any politicians or political.

You can followe deliver Oyo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @Deliver_Oyo and interested to join their WhatApp group? You can do so via

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Compiled by Ola, O. Olanrewaju and Edited by Zainab Saani for Ibadan Media

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