Celebs Thump Up Ufit Fly @ 14

In celebration of great accomplishments in tourism and tour packaging sector for the past 14 years, Absolute Success Travels has lined up sumptuous gifts to reward their loyal clients and the general public that had stood with the firm over the years.

The firm with the popular Ufitfly package is giving out brand new cars and hundreds of exciting prizes that include a free trip to Dubai, Shopping vouchers, plasma television sets, generating sets, double-doors refrigerators, free airtimes cash prizes and lots more in a promo put together to appreciate the good people of Nigeria that had stood firmly with the firm.

Many A-list celebrities in the entertainment industry; Nollywood, comedy,
gospel music that had enjoyed the good services of Ufitfly have come out to openly attested to the uprightness and respectability of the excellent services rendered by the popular tour broker.

Sir Sina Peters who spoke to newsmen in Ibadan recently shared what he described as unforgettable experiences since he had been travelling around the globe in his expedition in the music industry the UAE tour recently packaged for him and other tourists by Ufitfly where he had a first class razzmatazz.

The Afro Juju maestro, however, explained the importance of taking some times out of our busy schedules to treat our souls to a great leisure experience, as a great secret of longevity and cerebral-wellness, saying “that’s the secret of my youthful look at 62”.

He, therefore, urged the upward mobile individuals and the busy professionals to join him in another series of the Dubai tour with Ufitfly in September to share in his exhilarating experience in the exploration of the beautiful Arab world.

Also attesting to the great tour experience with Ufitfly was the sonorous voice gospel singer, Evangelist Tope Alabi who claimed to have led a group of pilgrims to Israel for Christian holy pilgrimage and Dubai leisure tour.

Alabi amidst song was full of praises and appreciation to the firm while sharing her experiences with newsmen in Ibadan, saying “I never one once regretted my association with Ufitfly because the firm never fall short of the highly placed it occupied in the minds of everyone that had a course to travel with them either for pilgrimages or leisure”.

Yoruba Nollywood icon, Femi Adebayo was also full of good remarks while sharing what he experienced during a three-in-one Dubai tour with Ufitfly crew recently where all on board were treated to unforgettable luxuries right from Nigeria’s Muritala Mohammed airport to all tourist’s destinations lined out in the Arab world with comedy and musical interjection which gave all a long-lasting memoirs.