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Nkem Says: Every Rich Man Is Handsome (Or Not?)

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Before you join me in psycho-analyzing the issue of a man’s “beauty” being subject to the weight of his pocket, let’s get one thing straight: Money is sexy as hell. Yes, I said so. A while ago, if someone made the same statement and I heard it, I would look at them with disdain, while thinking to ...


7 Eyeopening Benefits of Sleeping Naked

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Sleeping naked is something that quite a number of people rarely do or talk about. This is probably because they may be skeptical about telling others that they sleep without clothes. However, do not overlook the idea of napping naked, you will be shocked to know that sleeping naked has great ...


5 Reasons We Kiss – Romance

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Have you ever wondered why we kiss? Whether we use it for an informal greeting or for a romantic gesture, kissing is an ingrained human behavior that seems to defy explanation. For many people, “it’s just something we do”, however, we help to reveal 5 reasons we kiss. It Maintains Attachment ...