32FM isn’t just a radio station, it’s a revolution – Tony Rowland

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The station manager of the latest entertainment radio station in Ibadan (32FM), Tony Rowland Awobode, a.k.a Don T, has said that the new radio station should not be classified with its contemporaries, as it is not just a station but a revolution.

He mentioned that the contemporary, humour themed radio station, is dedicated to spreading laughter across the world, especially at a period where the media is filled with gory stories.

“The world today seems to suggest that we have more reasons to frown than to smile, to complain than be grateful, to yell than to laugh. The world has thus been blinded to the many fun-filled moments that make life richer. We are here to bring humour to the airwaves and smiles to your hearts”, he said.

He further said that the mandate of the Station is to dominate sadness and fill the air with laughter. To this effect, he added that the programs have been divided into two broad categories to address that.

While speaking in an interview, he disclosed that the leading entertainers within the Ibadan space have been employed by the Station as anchors of several programmes, thus, leading to healthy competition amongst them.

“We have great contents and it is only reasonable that we have the best talents to match. What we have been able to successfully do is create a platform where these comedians can collaborate and in turn grow and then positively impact on the station.

“What we have isn’t just a radio station, it’s a revolution. The country is blessed with many reasons to frown and we are here to ensure laughter on the faces of people. To this end, we have a line up of quality programs backed up with data towards solving that need. As long as we keep our content grass green, the sheep (in this case, listeners) will gather”, he said.

Tony added that the Station intends to “spread laughter across the world, so, Ibadan is only the beginning.”

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